Company " Stroy Group - Iliev" Ltd. founded in 2007. as successor of ET " Stroygroup - Ilia Iliev " founded in 1994 . In terms of assets employed and productive experience. " Stroy Group - Iliev" Ltd. has extensive experience in construction and specializing in the construction of commercial, residential and industrial buildings.The company offers comprehensive solutions as main contractor buildings and equipment and investments in developing their own projects . The staff consists of professionals with high qualifications and experience with work experience in business constructions.The company applies innovations in construction technology and work with modern and quality materials. For the years of its work " Stroy Group - Iliev" Ltd. manages to create name of the correct partner with a flexible policy of guarantee of the quality and timely execution of projects . Pursuant to the requirements of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria the company is registered in the Central Professional Register of Constructors and possesses the categories and certificates.


    Company "Stroy Group" Ltd. perform:

  • Construction work in the residential and industrial construction;

  • Reconstruction and modernization;

  • Routine maintenance and repairs;

  • Landscaping;

  • Rehabilitation of buildings;

  • Sales of newly built homes and shops.


8800 Sliven

Harkan str. 121

Tel: 0887 237 500

Tel: 0887 237 512

e-mail: stroygrup@abv.bg